You're Sitting Across From Your Prospect...Do You Know Their Decision-Making Style? * Sonia Holt

You’re Sitting Across From Your Prospect…Do You Know Their Decision-Making Style?

Would it be helpful if you did?

In a recent training, I learned there are different types of personalities and the likely decision-making process each goes through. (In this case, the speaker broke it down to four easy to remember categories).

Let me give you an example of how understanding your prospect can be critical. The story goes like this.

On a planet not too far away, there was a real estate agent. One day she met with a client who was interested in buying a home.

Meeting Your ProspectHe was single, a Boeing Engineer, and he'd been renting for 20 years! Now that should have clued her in on how this was going to go. But off they went…

Every home and lot size was either too big or too small; the home was too old or he didn't want one so new… every home he viewed had something wrong. And so it went for several days.

Then when he couldn't think of anything else, he announced that real estate investing was risky and he didn't think this was the right time to buy.

(WHAT! Then what are we doing here?)

Well, like any red-blooded real estate agent, she proceeded to tell him why he was wrong. (I know, just what he wanted to hear, right… dumb move!)

Spoiler alert… I was that real estate agent, and I didn't sell this man a home. (You're surprised, I know.)

You see, at the time I didn't understand that everyone doesn't necessarily buy a home based on emotion and then justify the purchase logically. One size does not fit all when it comes to people and their decision-making process.

So why was I unable to help him purchase his first home?

As I look back now, the answer was simple…the buyer was analytical (engineer, remember), and he made buying decisions based on logic. He needed to see on paper why it was a good time to buy… “just the facts, mam.”

And, he was afraid of making a mistake!  So, if I understood his style of decision making, I would have sat him down first and addressed his concerns, then started showing him homes.

During the training I mentioned above, I was reminded about the importance of getting to know a little bit more about your prospect and his/her personality and decision-making style before you start your pitch!

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