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Why Your Internet-Based Business Needs A Landing Page


So, what's a landing page and why do you need one.

In the world of online marketing, a landing page is basically a standalone web page that is created for a specific marketing campaign.

In essence, a potential customer or client will end up on the landing page when they click on a link in an email, social media post, or an online advertisement.

Why you would want to drive traffic to a landing page instead of your website?


“A business website is a perfect tool to help your potential customers actually find your organization online when conducting searches on major search engines such as Google.”

It’s also great at providing your potential customers with a great deal of information about your business, yourself, and the products and or services that you provide. Potential customers can take multiple paths and read multiple pages of information when visiting your business website.

On the other hand, landing pages are designed with a specific goal in mind. They are a “call to action” that entices a potential customer to take further action about a particular thing that they are interested in.


For example, consumers may click on the link in your email in order to sign up for a coupon or discount on one of your products and or services.

“Landing pages directly support the notion of promoting new products or services.” They also provide you with the ability to easily enter into new markets in order to gain additional sales.”

The landing page would include the signup form that they must fill out in order to receive the coupon or discount or any other “freebie” you're offering, and when they do, they show interest in a specific product or service and can be converted from a lead or prospect to a buying customer.

This focus on a specific action is what makes landing pages the ultimate tool for increasing the (prospect to customer) conversion rates of your online marketing efforts. The precise nature of the landing page also lowers your cost of acquiring a customer, which of course is good for the bottom line.

Landing pages directly support the notion of promoting new products or services. They also provide you with the ability to easily enter into new markets in order to gain additional sales. Since landing pages are so cost-effective and efficient, you can use multiple ones to target different audiences. You can also utilize multiple landing pages to target specific calls to action.

For example, you may want to encourage potential customers to sign up for a free eBook or to sign up for your a monthly newsletter in addition to offering a coupon for a specific product or service.


So, landing pages are an incredibly important online marketing tool that can help boost sales of your products and or services. If you’re not currently utilizing them, now is the time to seriously consider adding landing pages to your online marketing efforts.

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