What’s The #1 Thing You Must Never Do In An Ad? * Sonia Holt

What’s The #1 Thing You Must Never Do In An Ad?

… or on any other marketing piece… such as your social media or blog posts, emails, videos or ANY marketing message for that matter.

In fact, it’s labeled a “cardinal sin” in marketing circles

And if your guilty of this “sin,” you will kill your ad before the reader even gets to the good stuff!

So, what’s this horrific error? Boring your audience

I know you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating. You cannot bore people into action.

If they become bored with your message, they mentally check out and you’ve LOST them.

Some people get a little confused with what this means. 

See, it’s not about making your message “entertaining” just for the heck of it, by using metaphors and power words for an emotional punch.

All that is good, and using it sparingly in your message helps.

But the secret sauce is being able to drive home an important point in your marketing message that is almost impossible for your prospect to ignore.

Something so critical to their success that there’s no way they would be bored reading about.

It’s not about having to be a great copywriter or a fancy wordsmith to get your point across.

It’s about REALLY knowing and understanding what your audience needs and wants. 

Once you figure that out, you’ll never again struggle with creating a message that’s going to get your prospect’s full attention.

This is what’s called a “message to market match.”


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