How To Use Social Media To Drive CRAZY Traffic * Sonia Holt

How To Use Social Media To Drive CRAZY Traffic


I've decided I really like Infographics.

Why?  Because they just give you the “facts.”

Here are some easy to do tips on how to generate more social media traffic.  (You may have to zoom in a little…had to reduce the size to somewhat fit on a page.)

Here are just a few tips in the infographic.  I'll let you read the rest.

  • Share the right content for your audience…
  • Interact with followers by responding to their comments…     
  • Be short and concise with your message…

But content is only half the equation.  Let's face it, all the cool things we learn and implement won't mean much if no one is aware of them.

(Kind of like the tree falling in the forest… you know how that goes.)

How do we make people aware of our blog, social media pages, and of course, our products and opportunity?

Simple:    TRAFFIC!

The most important skill, I think, is how to drive traffic to your offer.



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