The BEST Way To Snap Out Of A Funk! * Sonia Holt

The BEST Way To Snap Out Of A Funk!

Ok; I'm going to go on record and admit it... I've been in a funk!

Ever find yourself in a mental slump?

Dragging your feet and not really up to doing anything?

Every one of us has been there.

When your results aren't worth bragging about... when the team isn't growing and the commissions aren't popping... this mental state doesn't help.

It can be deadly to your business if you don't learn how to snap OUT of it fast.

This is some advice one of my mentors was given years ago that he still adhere's to:

   "Son, when you're in a slump, the best thing to do is TAKE ACTION!"

Of course this is referring to prospecting and inviting people.

You know it kinda works, but it's the last thing you wanna do when your spirit is in the toilet. And it takes some massive "will" to push yourself.

Here's something I've learned over my years both in my prior career and now in my own business:

Nothing will get you out of a funk faster than helping someone! It's a kind of high you get knowing "you've done good!"

Here's an experience you may relate to.

It's a late evening appointment with a new recruit with her warm market prospect.

You pull up to the house, and you have a splitting headache, or your mind is somewhere else and this is the last thing you want to be doing (ergo the headache!)

But an appointment with a qualified and interested prospect (because it's someone's warm market) is worth its weight in gold.

So, you drag yourself in the door along with your new recruit with a pasted smile on your face trying to drum up some enthusiasm.

This couple is thrilled. They become clients that night, and your new recruit is floating on air with excitement!

And then as you walk out of the house and get in the car, there is no headache and you're downright thankful you made the call.  

In fact, for the entire two hours you couldn't even remember feeling any physical or emotional in pain...PERIOD.

I've had experiences similar to this over the years and I've learned something very important...

When you take the spotlight off of yourself, and put the focus on helping other people, you gain instant strength and energy.

So, here's my mantra... maybe it can be yours too.

  • What I do matters.
  • It matters a lot.
  • My next Facebook LIVE, or an inspiring post can lift someone up.
  • My business can literally help change people's lives.

And when you focus on that, you'll forget all about how you feel and next thing you know you snap out of your slump.

Maybe this email will help lift you... now it's your turn to go and find someone to help!

If you're not sure how to find more people...

Wishing you much success!


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