Is This The Year You Finally Start Your Own Business? * Sonia Holt

Is This The Year You Finally Start Your Own Business?

Do you want to start your own business online and be your own boss? If you answered yes to this question you’re not alone.  So, what will it take to build a successful business online?

It's easy to get caught up in products, social platforms, and marketing tools, but before you even go there you have to start with YOU.  

And that means having the right mindset… first,

Woman pointing to herself.

Have Faith In Yourself

Most people dream of becoming a business owner, however only a few take steps to actually make it happen. Why? People are afraid to unlock their true potential. It’s easy to see why.

Unlocking your true potential involves taking a risk. That risk revolves around taking a leap of faith in yourself and your abilities, which can be easier said than done.

So how can you unlock your full potential?

Here are 3 things you can do to start realizing your capability

  • Trust yourself
  • Don’t let fear stop you
  • Have a positive attitude

A positive mental attitude is critical to your success in business… really in all areas of your life.  Trust in your abilities and your wisdom in reaching out for help when you need it.  Mentorship, coaching, and a ton of courses are out there to help with personal and business development.

Napkin and cup of coffee… Negative thinking will never make your life positive

Block Out The Negativity

  • Stay away from the nay Sayers… stay around like-minded people that have similar goals.  During a recent training, I heard something interesting.

You are the average of the five people you hang out with. 

  • So, look for people that will encourage you to succeed.
    • Don’t let someone else's fears and insecurities stop you from living your dream.
    • You need to stay strong and keep in mind that only your opinion matters when it comes to living your life to the fullest.

Not Ready to Leave Your Job?

Start a part-time business… a side gig that will be another source of income as well.

Let's face it, part of the fear is “how do I pay my bills” while I'm building a business.  When you reach an income level equal to or greater than your current earnings, then retire yourself from “the job” and focus on your business full time.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

There are some great coaching and mentorship programs out there… learn from people who've been there and can help you short-cut your learning curve.  Coaching and mentorship can help you identify your business goals, organize the process, stay focused, and point you in the right direction to find the appropriate marketing and automation tools.

Typing on a page… New Business Chapter One

One-on-one coaching not in your budget?  Join an entrepreneurial community that will provide you with training and support (more about that below).

Starting an online business has benefits, such as

  • You're the boss… you're in charge and your success or failure isn't dependent on someone else's abilities
  • No more long commutes and fighting traffic… work in your jams if you want.
  • Work when you want and where you want… ever dream of a laptop lifestyle where you can work from anywhere in the world?

But along with the benefits, there are responsibilities.  No one is there to make sure you're getting things done to keep moving your business forward.  Focus and consistency take self-discipline, and self-discipline is what will determine your level of success.

Here Are 4 Tips To Achieving Self-Discipline

1. Set A Strict Work Schedule

  • Wake up at the same time every day just as you did on the job
  • Try to eat lunch at the same time every workday
  • If you have traditionally worked out before work, keep to that workout schedule
  • Sleeping in, running errands, or spending time on “busy” work won't move you forward
  • Remember that spending time with your family and friends is important…
    • Building and maintaining relationships leads to a more balanced life
    • Avoids the possibility of resentment
    • Ensures you don't burnout

2. Get Up From Your Desk Once Per Hour

  • You need to stretch your legs and allow the blood to flow. It also helps you to clear the head your head.
  • Getting up and away from your desk for a few minutes each hour will help you focus better
  • Focusing improves the quantity and quality of your work
  • Try grabbing a glass of water when you get up from your desk…staying hydrated also helps you think clearly

3. Nutrition Plays An Important Role

  • Eat foods that will increase your energy levels
  • Your diet should consist of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, moderate amounts of protein, and moderate to low amounts of carbohydrates
  • And last but not least, incorporate some sort of physical activity… get your butt out of the chair and move!

4. Don’t Check Emails or Text Messages When Working On Important Projects

  • When you are working on an important project, especially a stressful project that has a tight deadline, it’s incredibly important to resist the temptation to check emails and text messages
  • Set aside a designated time once or twice a day to read and respond to emails and messages
  • Limit your time on social media (unless you're actually using social media platforms as part of your marketing plan)
  • Turn off the annoying notification noises while working on important and time-sensitive projects
  • And avoid picking up your phone in the morning the minute your feet hit the floor… start your day with your planned activities

Wishing you much success.




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