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Great Ideas for Your Social Media Content

social-media-connect LgrFinding “content” to post on my social media sites stresses me out!  How do you come up with three to five different posts a day? And I don't even want to talk about having to do it for multiple pages!   I'll be the first to admit I have about five or six ideas, and then I'm stumped!

Well, I came across an article entitled:  “100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content.”   So, I thought I'd share these ideas with you.  My goal is to try as many of them as I can, and see which of these ideas works best.  I'll ask readers from my Fan Page what they think and post their comments. (You can find the Forbes article by clicking on the link above if you would like to try some of them out without waiting for me…after all 100 different ideas could take me a while!)


By sharing our tips and ideas maybe we can stop worrying about what we're going to post and sleep at night!

I'll add them to this post as I publish them on my social media sites.

  1. Quotes: Funny, motivating or inspiring. “Start By Doing What's Necessary…”
  2. Ask a Question:  “What Are You Thinking?”
  3. Fill In the Blanks:  “If I had $1 million I would _________”
  4. Post a Link to an Old Blog Post: 3 Tips to Drastically Increase Your Profit

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