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Get It Done Today

Do you start every day slogging through a ton of information? Trying to decide which project to tackle first?  A lot of people do. They wonder why they don’t get more done in a day.

Here are a few ways to solve this problem and increase your productivity.  Remember:  Increasing your productivity also allows you more leisure time as a reward.


At the end of the work day, or at the beginning of the next workday, make a list of the tasks to do that day.  Decide which is the most important or the most difficult.  Give that topic priority, and stick with it until it’s done.


Difficult tasks are sometimes referred to as a project you put in the “too hard box.”  Tasks that irritate you until completed and relieved when it’s done.

So, attack your “too hard box” first thing.  Put everything else aside and focus just on that project.  Completing the too hard tasks energizes you so you can attack the lesser things on your “To Do” list.

It’s important to always have a “To Do” list.  Use a list as a reminder of what else you need to get done.  Something comes up, add it to the list and move on.  Don’t clutter your mind odds and ends to remember.

Also, your list is a way to reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished.  Each time you finish a project, cross it off the list and smile.  Completing projects that are priorities first, helps you can stay on track.
Break down your long-term goals into smaller short-term goals.  Focus on your upcoming week and the current month.

goal-list - Copy

Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about long term goals every day.  Accomplishing what you set out for today will keep you moving in the right direction.

Check longer term goals once a week or so to make sure daily goals are moving you forward.
Use your blog materials as part of an eBook, video training program or a webinar.  That way, you’re not trying to produce fresh copy each time.  Repurposing saves you time and make you money.


Ever hit a “dry spot” where your creativity seems to have to have come to a full stop?  We all do.  There are at least two things you can do at that point.
Hobbes - Copy


First, do something to relax or that inspires you.  Maybe it’s listening to your favorite music or taking a walk.  Or maybe you have a book that always inspires you.  Whatever it is, go do it for thirty minutes.  Then come back to your project.

Second, idea is to keep a list of creative or inspired projects that you might want to flesh out in the future.  When you hit that spot where you seem to have no creativity, pick something from the list and go with it.  Then come back and finish your daily chores.


Last, but not least, use those little pieces of time that are otherwise wasted.


Waiting for that doctor’s appointment, write a short blog post or make up tomorrow’s “To Do” list.  If you're waiting for a flight, catch up on your reading.  Research your next training video during the plane ride.

It's surprising how much you get done in these pockets of time.



So, start focusing on your day and watch your productivity climb!



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