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Five Secrets to Painlessly Attract More Prospects

How would you like to be more attractive?

I’m not talking “good-looking” attractive.  Because there are a lot of different things that attract to a person besides a good-looking face and killer bod!  (Okay, it certainly doesn’t register negative on the attraction scale.)

But what I mean is having a magnetic quality that naturally attracts people to you.  They want to be around you and tend to hang on to your every word.  It’s the kind of attraction exhibited by great leaders.  It’s the kind of attraction that makes you more effective in life, AND significantly more effective in business.

Here are Five Secrets Every Attractive Person Instinctively Knows (but probably couldn’t articulate).


You notice I didn’t say “be interesting.”

Attractive people are more interested in listening to the other person than they are in hearing themselves speak.

Have you ever dated somebody who talked about themselves the whole time?  And when they finally took a breath and asked about “you,” their eyes glazed over and they couldn’t wait until the conversation reverted to “them” again?

Bet you were wishing you were somewhere else… anywhere else!


We are our absolute, number one favorite topic!

 And your prospects are the same way.

So, if you are more interested in getting to know them than you are in talking about yourself, you will instantly become more attractive.

But what do most people do in a business environment… they immediately “throw up” all over their prospects about their product, service, or opportunity.

Guess what? That turns people off!  I know it turns me off and bet it would you too.

It immediately makes you “unattractive.”



Next, attractive people are not needy, clingy, or desperate.

We all know about needy, clingy, desperate people—you know, the ones who text you, and three seconds later text you again with…  “Why didn’t you text me back?”

 They may as well have a neon sign… “desperately need you to like me and buy my product and join my team.”

Unfortunately, we see a lot of them in this business.  They are hyper-focused on that one prospect to say “yes,” and their desperation comes through loud and clear.

Also, unattractive… nobody likes to be around those types of people, let alone do business with them.

To be more attractive…

You must learn a “take or leave it” attitude when it comes to asking for the business.

Now I’m not saying act arrogant and not care about people.  You want to care about them.  Rather, develop a little aloofness.

You need to come from a posture of “divine indifference.”

“I need people for my business, but I don’t need this particular person for my business.”

Be willing to walk away… that’s where your power lies.  It works when you’re buying a car, and it works in your everyday business.

 It’s about being realistic.

“If this person doesn’t join, I know there are a lot of other fish in the sea.

My success does not hang on this one person’s decision.

 If they say ‘no,’ my world won’t end. My life will go on.

 I’m won’t weep and moan and follow up with them forever.

 I refuse to position myself as needy and clingy.”



Important:  Attractive people don’t operate with a hidden agenda.

We probably all know somebody in our lives with a hidden agenda.  Every time they do something nice for you, they expect you to reciprocate.

They’re not doing the nice thing just because it’s nice.  They’re doing it because they want – and expect – something in return.

They want public recognition so they look good.

Hidden agendas make people highly unattractive.

Doing something nice for someone else, without expecting something nice in return, makes you more attractive.  It can be as simple as sharing valuable content on the Internet or helping someone solve a problem.

Unfortunately, in the home-business industry, it goes something like this… they look up a friend they haven’t talked to in a long time.

“Hey, how are you, Judy? I haven’t seen you since high school. How’s it going?”

They ask questions that make it seem like they genuinely want to connect.

Then just a few seconds into the conversation, they abruptly switch to…

“Oh hey, by the way, I’ve got this great opportunity with a phenomenal company I think would be of interest to you.”

(It’s an act. A false front.  It smells like a hidden agenda.  And the person they’re talking to knows it.)

That’s when they’re thinking: “He wasn’t interested in talking to me at all. He just had an obvious hidden agenda. He just wanted to sell me his thing.”


Go into any relationship genuinely wanting to help the other person solve a problem. That will instantly make you more attractive and have people wanting to help you in return.




Attractive people are confident… and confident people are attractive.

It’s interesting that two people, especially in a home-based business, can follow the same script yet get different results.  This is why scripts are in large part nonsense – even though they give you a good framework to have a conversation.

Top earners often offer their “swipe” file which is their script…exactly what they say that has attributed to their success.

 And we all jump… “Oh, I got to have the exact words they use in order to be successful like them.”

They try to use the exact same script, and it doesn’t work.

Why not?  One reason is confidence.

Two people might repeat, but because if they say it with no confidence, it just plain won’t work!

The successful person comes from a “take it or leave it” attitude.

“I understand that you need what I’ve got more than I need you to join me or buy from me.”

That person has confidence in their offer and their ability to help other people, so for them, the script works much better.

No matter what “script” they use, they’ll still perform better, and as a result, they are more attractive.

If you’re a top earner, it’s easy to be confident…

So how can you have confidence when you’re brand new, or haven’t produced the kind of results to “wow” them… yet?

In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker, he talks about the difference; a paradigm shift from…

“Have, do, be.” to “Be, do, have.”  What most people think is…

“When I HAVE the things that successful and confident people have, then I can DO the things that successful people do, and then I’ll BE confident and successful.”

Ecker says they’re approaching it the wrong way.

Successful people understand that it’s “be, do, have.”

They say…

“I’m going to BE confident; I’m going to go out there and be the way that a successful person would be. I’m going to think the way a successful person would think. That will then cause me to DO the things that confident people do. And when I start doing those things, I’ll HAVE the results successful and confident people have.”

Check out your thinking… it sure rang a bell for me.

If you’re coming from “have, do, be,” you need to flip the script!  Come from “be, do, have” instead.

Go out and be confident, and results will come to you.

The more you practice,

  • The more confident you will become.
  • Get results, the more confident you will become.
  • Help people, the more confident you will become.
  • Invest in your knowledge, skills, and education, the more confident you will become.


Knowledge is power.  The more you invest in your knowledge and become one of the most well educated in your field, the more confident you’ll become.

Because you’ll realize, “man, I know more about X, Y, Z topic than almost anybody else!”

That kind of confidence will instantly make you more attractive.


Finally, attractive people have highly-developed skills.


Attraction Marketing Formula

Invest in yourself.  Always be learning, and you’ll get better and better at what you do.  Be the person people think of when they want advice and answers to challenges they face.

You instantly become more attractive!

Okay, so here’s a quick recap of the five secrets all attractive people know… 

  1. Be more interested in the other person than you are in yourself
  2. Don’t be clingy, needy, or desperate for the sale
  3. Don’t operate from a hidden agenda—just help people without expecting anything in return.
  4. Be confident and remember: “be, do, have,” …not “have, do, be.”
  5. Develop your skills.

I hope these tips are helpful, and you’ll put them to work today.

And if you haven’t been investing in your education and developing your skills…

Now’s the time to start!

Knowledge and skills will…

  • Help you listen to others to discover how you can help them
  • Enable you to realize there are plenty of people who are already interested in what you have to offer
  • Give you the confidence to deal with all kinds of prospects – even the ones who say “no”
  • Make you instantly more attractive to your prospects

The best way to work on those skills?  Can I make a suggestion?

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