Don't think this matters? Guess again... * Sonia Holt

Don’t think this matters? Guess again…

A large part of successfully building any business is personal branding… especially online.

Why?  Because it helps your audience get to know you.  People do business with people they know and trust, so getting to know you and most importantly how you conduct your business builds trust… plain and simple.

Building trust directly relates to prospects and customers or team members.

When people know, like and trust you, they’re going to follow your suggestions.

Once you build recognition and trust you, your brand will bring you customers

This applies to any business.  If you sell skin care products, start doing some tutorials on how to keep your skin healthy looking, for example.


Remember this isn’t about promoting your company products.  It's about promoting you!

It’s just demonstrating or teaching people about they can improve their skin care.

Or in the travel industry, it could be how to pack light!  (Now that's something struggle with… I'm always dragging more stuff than I need!)

It is important to base these instructions on products you represent.


Another example is providing recipes for healthy shakes they can make…  your drink products.  You get the idea.


Trainers and mentors all emphasize the importance of branding.  When you start applying the concept, you’ll start to see the kind of results you’re going for.

It's best to do this on your own blog/website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel; just a few ways to get your presence known.  Provide helpful information related to products you represent.  It helps position you as an authority on your products or services.


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