Do You Want To Know What Successful People Have In Common? * Sonia Holt

Do You Want To Know What Successful People Have In Common?

Whether you're career-oriented working from home because of our current health crisis, building your business, or thinking of starting a home-based business, the goal is the same:  You want to be successful!

Successful people aren't born with “super-star genes.”

They simply have habits that contribute to their success.

In interviews of  successful people there are 3 things they almost always say:


1. Winners get out of bed early.



They credit an early start for their ability to achieve more than most people.

  • Their routine starts with getting up around 5 or 6 a.m.
  • Using the two or three hours before they get into the office to
  • Focus, Prepare for the day ahead
  • That could mean
  • Exercise Meditation
  • Catching up on current events pertinent to the business
  • Get down to work
  • More productive
  • Achieve more than most

Getting up early is a hard one for me… I’m a real night owl!  Apparently, one way to adjust is to change your wake-up time in half-hour increments and adjust your time weekly. For example the first week you wake up a half-hour earlier, the next week you make it an hour earlier, etc.


2.  Be a daily goal setter and a daily goal hitter




Long-range goals and dreams are good

  • But what you do today greatly affects whether or not you will achieve your future dreams. 
  • Intentionally designing each and every day leads to
    • Getting things done
      • Maximizes your results
      • Not busywork
  • Knowing what is important and focusing on those things
  • Set your daily plan the night before or during early morning hours
  • Don’t make goals for an entire week
    • Just day ahead
    • What must get done each day that will produce the most results
    • Only work on those things
  • Make goal-setting a daily habit.

If setting goals is a little intimidating, here are a few ideas to help you simplify things and still get a lot done.

  • Set 3 absolutely have to get done tasks each day
  • Make a simple To-Do List prioritizing tasks by importance
  • End your workday with a plan for the next day

To learn more about goal setting see ‎for free ebook and goal calendar download.



3.  Focus, focus, focus




Even with setting goals

  • If you’re not focused – working on what’s important you won’t be successful
  • Successful people know what’s important at the moment
  • They are relentless about getting it done
  • Don’t get distracted by unimportant stuff
  • To be successful – you must develop discipline
  • At the end of the day results will be worth it
  • Discipline takes a lot of practice to develop
    • In life and business
  • Repetitive habits that lead to effective performance
  • Discipline key to winning results—and results are what matters.


So, get out of bed, have a plan, and FOCUS!





 from an article by John Addison – Leadership Editor  Success Magazine 3 Daily Habits of Very Successful People



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