Do You "Prospect Speak?" * Sonia Holt

Do You “Prospect Speak?”

In other words, are you speaking to your prospect in a language they can understand?

More on that in a minute, but first let me tell you a story that might best illustrate what I'm talking about.

One day my grandson and I were out and decided we were hungry and needed something to eat.

Of course, like any normal preschool-age child, he wanted to go to McDonald's®… amazing I know.

Well, after zillions of trips to McDonald's®, grandma decided today we were going to have something different.  Today, we were going for Chinese!

I explained there was chicken that was kind of like Chicken McNuggets and had a sweet taste and came with rice his favorite.


Let the tantrum begin…  “No, I want McDonald's®!” 

Ever try reasoning with a child when he’s having a meltdown?  Well, it doesn’t work.

So, for probably the first time ever, grandma lost it… ENOUGH!

I decided we weren’t going anywhere but home!


And as I’m dragging him to the car, in a voice that carried to the next county, he yells,


This was what he was taught to say if someone tried to do him harm… they forgot to tell him this does not include your grandmother who’d walk through fire for you!  (Needless to say, I expected to see a squad car at any moment.)

So, off we go, and I don’t mind telling you steam is coming out of my ears!  By the time we get home, I’ve calmed down and decided to illustrate to him why it wasn’t fair to always get to pick what he wants to do without considering my feelings.

I sat him down and brought a small handful of beans.

I proceeded to give him a bean for every time he wanted something and grandma obliged.

Then I said, “Now you see you have all the beans and grandma has none.”

He sat through the whole demonstration then looked at his hand and looked at mine, and with a quizzical look on his face said:


“I don’t get it grandma… I’m just a kid!”

So much for my analogy… it didn’t work for him.


The simple truth is I wasn’t speaking his language!  He needed a simple statement that spoke to his needs, not mine.  Something like,

“When grandma gets to chose once in a while it makes her happy and happy grandma’s give great presents!” 


Now that’s a benefit he could get behind!


I’ll admit I love telling this story, but I’m sure you want to know what this has to do with your business, right?

Let me explain.

First, let’s look at where I went wrong.

  1. I talked about features 
    1. Chicken like Chicken McNuggets
    2. Tastes sweet
    3. Rice… one of your favorites
  1. I didn’t talk about benefits… good old “what's in it for me”  
    1. Making grandma happy gets you cool toys
  1. Selling him on the idea of fairness
    1. Fairness wasn't is #1 priority
    2. Fairness wasn’t his end game, it was mine.

All he wanted was to go to McDonald's®

Moral of the story:  When talking to a prospect (or your grandson):

  • Listen, pay attention to their want or need.
  • Features alone won’t convert to more sales or team members.
  • Benefits are key… “what’s in it for me” if I buy your product or invest in your business opportunity?
  • Speak their language… when you’re addressing how your offer will benefit them, try using their own words. It makes it easier to for them to relate
    • Prospect:  “I need extra income
    • You:  “(Your opportunity) can provide the extra income you mentioned you needed.”

You get the idea.


So, now all you need is someone to talk to… that's where Incentive Marketing comes in.  You want to give them an offer they can't refuse.

Everyone has a free ebook of some kind to give away.  What if you gave away a dream vacation?

Think that would get your prospect's attention?  You bet it would!  It's worked for selling timeshares for years.

Use travel incentives to

  • Get more leads & prospects and make more sales
  • As a “thank you” 
    • For their business
    • For being a loyal customer
    • For referrals
  • Reward team members or employees

And when their friends ask how they were able to go on such an awesome vacation, they'll simply say you sent them.

Isn't it time to try something different?  


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