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Use Giveaways To Bring Traffic to Your Site

Have you thought of using giveaways to bring traffic to your site? You don’t have to give away the store to make this work, but give your visitor something they will find of value. Enough value that they will take the time to complete the opt-in box on your site. Grocery stores and other retailers […]

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Do You “Prospect Speak?”

In other words, are you speaking to your prospect in a language they can understand? More on that in a minute, but first let me tell you a story that might best illustrate what I’m talking about. One day my grandson and I were out and decided we were hungry and needed something to eat. […]

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How To Talk Your Prospects’ Language

With all the changes in Facebook’s algorithms, it’s more important than ever to consider paid advertising if you want to generate targeted traffic to your Facebook page or your website. Your prospect needs to feel your ad is directed to them… it’s talking to their needs and challenges.  Unfortunately, you can’t say some of the […]

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These Time-Tested Marketing Tactics Can Help You Get More Leads And Make More Sales

Here are three tips you can immediately implement in your own marketing arsenal.   1.  Always Target the Most Profitable Audience Years ago in another life… I worked as an assistant to a financial adviser.  The one thing that stands out in my memory is that he had selected clients that… Had the money to […]

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Five Levels of Market Awareness

Awareness is a key element to any piece of advertising, although it’s so often overlooked. In a landscape where marketers are too busy debating buzzwords, it’s easy to lose sight of something as simple as whether or not your audience truly understands what you have to offer. And more to the point, your prospects are […]

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