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7 Steps to Use Linkedin for Network Marketing

Whether you’re a brand new marketer or an experienced pro, you can use LinkedIn to generate leads, build brand awareness, and establish strategic partnerships with serious businesspeople. Here’s how you get started… 1. Define Your Goals and Target Audience Start your LinkedIn strategy by determining exactly what you want to accomplish. Do you want to […]

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Qualifying Prospecting Questions That Can Help You Make More Sales

To build a successful network marketing business, you need a solid team of “performers” who will sell, recruit, and duplicate. So, it’s very important to prospect the right people.  Yet this is where just about all of us can go wrong! Most network marketers are so desperate to earn an income, they’ll recruit just about anyone above ground and breathing! […]

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Cold Market Prospecting – Ugh!

I really love the strategies outlined in Social Media Recruiting … and here’s why. Not only can you continue to ACTIVELY form new connections with potential team members, as you do now, but you’ll also be able to connect with prospects while at home at your computer. Social Media Recruiting gives you another HUGE advantage, which […]

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It Takes A Village To Produce A Network Marketing Super Star!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about building a successful network marketing business using the Internet and social media. It grabbed my attention right away since I’m not a big fan of cornering friends and family, and to be honest, the thought of trying to recruit everyone I meet gives me the […]

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Do You Know The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

Well, that all depends on which social media platform we’re talking about. ​ Here’s a great infographic put together by  (See bottom of infographic for sources.) As you can see, each social media platform differs as to days and times. They even illustrate the best time to get more “clicks” and another time to […]

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3 Important Reasons You Should Start Building Your Personal Brand Now!

A large part of successfully building any business is personal branding… especially online. Why?  Because it helps your audience get to know you.  People do business with people they know and trust, so getting to know you and most importantly how you conduct your business builds trust… plain and simple. Building trust directly relates to […]

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Three “Magic” Questions To Qualify Your Prospects

I can’t get over how complicated I sometimes make things.  Like stressing over what to say and what not to say to a prospect. In a recent article by Julie Burke, a social media recruiting superstar, she boiled the prospecting process down to three questions she used to grow her network marketing business to six […]

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Social Media Posting Guidelines: “12x6x2 RULE”

Here’s how often you should post on social media…    Post at least 20 times a week  Use the “12x6x2 rule” when posting these 20 updates Shoot for posting at least 3 times a day  “Prime posting hours” in your time zone will be 7:00-9:00am  & 8:00-10:00pm Types of Posts: Branding Posts Inspirational Posts Power […]

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5 Step Social Media Recruiting Strategy

The following video covers five steps to successfully recruiting on social media.  These steps are part of Social Media Recruiting Frenzy, the ultimate network marketing guide to connecting and recruiting people on social media.   Click here for more tips on how to prospect and recruit on social media successfully. Including Social Media Posting Guidelines […]

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How to Recruit with Facebook Sponsored Posts

Imagine… You share a blog post or broadcast a Live video and spend a few dollars to have  Facebook  deliver it to a targeted audience… When people see the post, they request more information from you… Begin a chat on Facebook Messenger…then 95% of the people you engage will agree to a video chat. Now you do your magic, […]

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