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Are You Using Videos To Prospect, Sell & Recruit?

If not, you should be… let me tell you why. According to Forbes Magazine, by 2019, online content will consist of 80 percent video marketing, and mobile consumption of video content will continually rise by 100 percent annually. Also, according to Forbes, Over 500 million people (that’s half a BILLION) are watching video on Facebook every day. Consider the […]

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Want Your Own Website But Not Sure How To Get Started?

When people think of your product or opportunity, you don’t want them thinking about the company you represent.  You want to position yourself as the “go to” person for information and guidance… the expert.  That’s what we refer to when we talk about your personal brand. Branding yourself is important because whether people buy or […]

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Video Value: Why You Need to Plan a Video-Content Heavy 2018 for Your Brand

by Guest Blogger:  Josh Wardini Community Manager at Ok; I’ll be honest doing video is still not my strong suit — and let’s not even talk about a live video! When it comes to video, I’m a work in progress. And right about the time I think maybe I can get by marketing without videos, along comes […]

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10 Tips For Being Awesome On Camera

If you’d like a checklist to have handy when you’re recording a video or doing a Facebook Live, click the link below. 10 Tips For Being Awesome on Camera         You might even like to download a free video script formula                   Along with your […]

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31 Must Know Video Stats

    Now you know the part videos will play (no pun intended) in online marketing. Use video marketing to attract leads, turn them into warm prospects, and team member, or if not a team member a customer. Click below for FREE INTERNET RECRUITING COURSE   FREE INTERNET RECRUITING COURSE Finally, An Easy Way To […]

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What to Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Want You to Use the Internet to Build

  A very common question asked by people learning cutting-edge online recruiting methods inside the “Attraction Marketing Formula“ training, has to do with a concern over being scolded by an up line for “choosing a different path.” In some cases, there are leaders who will monitor every move their reps make, watch their stats, review […]

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How to Guarantee Your Prospects Will Enthusiastically Say, “YES!” When You Invite Them to Take a Look at Your Business!

  The following article was written by my mentor and friend, Ferny Ceballo, Chief Marketing Officer, Elite Marketing Pro.  I found the 3 Steps helpful and wanted to pass it on. How would you like to guarantee your prospects enthusiastically say, “YES!” when you invite them to take a look at your business? Maybe that […]

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