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Guide to Writing Cold Emails – Infographic Slides

I came across Mailshake Advantage and this great infographic on tips for writing cold emails I thought I’d share with you. This infographic outlines how to set your strategy, write your copy, and create a successful outreach campaign.  Cold Email Outreach   (Infographic can be found on Mailshake blog post…    

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Glass Half Full or Glass Half Emty?

  As much as I hate to admit it, I struggle with being a “glass half empty” kinda gal.  So I thought I might frame this and display it somewhere I can see it everyday to remind myself that “self talk” matters!    

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10 Ways Video Marketing Multiplies Your Marketing Efforts

 (Infographic by Video Remix) Are up using videos in your marketing? Well, you should be.  Here’s an infograph that will be it easy to understand why. Most impressive, 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day! So, what types of videos are popular?  Here are some I highlight from the following article by Eric Siu of Single Grain.12 […]

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How To Use Social Media To Drive CRAZY Traffic

  I’ve decided I really like Infographics. Why?  Because they just give you the “facts.” Here are some easy to do tips on how to generate more social media traffic.  (You may have to zoom in a little…had to reduce the size to somewhat fit on a page.) Here are just a few tips in […]

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