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Guide to Writing Cold Emails – Infographic Slides

I came across Mailshake Advantage and this great infographic on tips for writing cold emails I thought I’d share with you. This infographic outlines how to set your strategy, write your copy, and create a successful outreach campaign.  Cold Email Outreach   (Infographic can be found on Mailshake blog post…    

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Glass Half Full or Glass Half Emty?

  As much as I hate to admit it, I struggle with being a “glass half empty” kinda gal.  So I thought I might frame this and display it somewhere I can see it everyday to remind myself that “self talk” matters!    

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10 Ways Video Marketing Multiplies Your Marketing Efforts

Are up using videos in your marketing? Well, you should be.  Here’s an infograph that will be it easy to understand why. Most impressive, 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day! So, what types of videos are popular?  Here are some I highlight from the following article by Eric Siu of Single Grain. […]

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9 Productivity Mistakes You’re Making in the First 10 Minutes of Your Day (Infographic)

I know I’m guilty of Productivity Mistake #3… Checking Your Work Emails First Thing.  I not only check work-related emails but start reading emails from news sites, etc. and let’s face it, that would get anybody’s day off to a bad start these days! Then before you know it, I’ve roamed all over the Internet following […]

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Want Your Own Website But Not Sure How To Get Started?

When people think of your product or opportunity, you don’t want them thinking about the company you represent.  You want to position yourself as the “go to” person for information and guidance… the expert.  That’s what we refer to when we talk about your personal brand. Branding yourself is important because whether people buy or […]

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Video Value: Why You Need to Plan a Video-Content Heavy 2018 for Your Brand

by Guest Blogger:  Josh Wardini Community Manager at Ok; I’ll be honest doing video is still not my strong suit — and let’s not even talk about a live video! When it comes to video, I’m a work in progress. And right about the time I think maybe I can get by marketing without videos, along comes […]

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Social Media Platform Comparison Infographic

I came across the infographic below by Leverage New Age Media comparing the leading social media platforms.  Though it might help in deciding which platform is best for your business.   (Updated August, 2017.) With all of the various social media platforms out there, I thought this infographic might help you decide which is right for your business.  

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How To Spend The Last 10 Minutes of Your Workday

How to spend the last 10 minutes of your working day [Infographic] by the team at STL

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Do You Know The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

Well, that all depends on which social media platform we’re talking about. ​ Here’s a great infographic put together by  (See bottom of infographic for sources.) As you can see, each social media platform differs as to days and times. They even illustrate the best time to get more “clicks” and another time to […]

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How To Use Social Media To Drive CRAZY Traffic

  I’ve decided I really like Infographics. Why?  Because they just give you the “facts.” Here are some easy to do tips on how to generate more social media traffic.  (You may have to zoom in a little…had to reduce the size to somewhat fit on a page.) Here are just a few tips in […]

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