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What’s The #1 Thing You Must Never Do In An Ad?

… or on any other marketing piece… such as your social media or blog posts, emails, videos or ANY marketing message for that matter. In fact, it’s labeled a “cardinal sin” in marketing circles And if your guilty of this “sin,” you will kill your ad before the reader even gets to the good stuff! So, what’s this […]

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How To Use Social Media To Drive CRAZY Traffic

  I’ve decided I really like Infographics. Why?  Because they just give you the “facts.” Here are some easy to do tips on how to generate more social media traffic.  (You may have to zoom in a little…had to reduce the size to somewhat fit on a page.) Here are just a few tips in […]

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10 Tips For Being Awesome On Camera

If you’d like a checklist to have handy when you’re recording a video or doing a Facebook Live, click the link below. 10 Tips For Being Awesome on Camera         You might even like to download a free video script formula                   Along with your […]

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