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Why Your Internet-Based Business Needs A Landing Page

  So, what’s a landing page and why do you need one. In the world of online marketing, a landing page is basically a standalone web page that is created for a specific marketing campaign. In essence, a potential customer or client will end up on the landing page when they click on a link […]

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27 Commonly Misused Words

The Inigo Montoya Guide to 27 Commonly Misused Words, written by Brian Clark, Founder of Copyblogger  27 commonly misused words… some are common mistakes that distract when trying to keep a reader’s attention. Others are more obscure and just interesting to know. Adverse / Averse Adverse means unfavorable. Averse means reluctant. Afterwards Afterwards is wrong in American English. It’s afterward. […]

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Don’t think this matters? Guess again…

A large part of successfully building any business is personal branding… especially online. Why?  Because it helps your audience get to know you.  People do business with people they know and trust, so getting to know you and most importantly how you conduct your business builds trust… plain and simple. Building trust directly relates to […]

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Want Your Own Website But Not Sure How To Get Started?

When people think of your product or opportunity, you don’t want them thinking about the company you represent.  You want to position yourself as the “go to” person for information and guidance… the expert.  That’s what we refer to when we talk about your personal brand. Branding yourself is important because whether people buy or […]

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What’s The #1 Thing You Must Never Do In An Ad?

… or on any other marketing piece… such as your social media or blog posts, emails, videos or ANY marketing message for that matter. In fact, it’s labeled a “cardinal sin” in marketing circles And if your guilty of this “sin,” you will kill your ad before the reader even gets to the good stuff! So, what’s this […]

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Do-It-Yourself WordPress Website Checklist

CHRISTINA HILLS TEACHES PEOPLE HOW TO USE WORDPRESS Because WordPress has become the dominant content management system on the internet, Christina has been teaching WordPress to non- techie entrepreneurs and business owners since 2008. She teaches online software to people who want to learn how to use online tools to gain prospects and sell to […]

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5 Winning Headlines

Here’s a short video training on writing attention grabbing headlines. (Also transcribed below) Headline Formula #1: Benefit Driven Headline This is where you basically state the benefit in your headline. And if this benefit resonates with your audience, if it’s something they really, truly want… they’ll be all over it. Here are some examples: How […]

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Bill Pescosolido Reveals How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Cold Traffic into Red-Hot Leads

In this exclusive clip from No Excuses VII, 7-figure business co-owner Bill Pescosolido reveals a 5-step formula to create compelling blog content that converts readers into red-hot prospects. Enjoy the clip? Excited to come join us at this year’s No Excuses Summit to hang with truly some of THE best marketers on the planet? We’re talking… […]

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