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Attract Prospects – Don’t Chase Them!

There you are – all geared up and ready to prospect for new clients, only to hear, “No thanks.”  “Not interested.” “I’ll think about it.” Frustrating. Deflating. Discouraging. We feel ya’…because we’ve been there.  Who hasn’t?

Prospecting for new business can make you feel like a hamster running on a wheel – exhausted and getting nowhere, fast!  Anyone in business knows the traditional method of gaining new clients and customers: “Chase down those prospects!” This advice is out of date and  can result in prospects’ “not interested” response, or worse: being turned-off.  

So how do you get people to actually want to hear about what your selling?  To be attracted to your business?

Luckily, there is a new way to attract clients: the Reverse Invite Method.  This method literally has people inviting themselves to take a look at your business!  The Reverse Invite Method can greatly improve your prospecting results – without chasing people.  You will make yourself so unique, that people will want to reach out and invite themselves to check out what your doing – and learn more.  No more wasting time on uninterested, going nowhere prospects!

There are a few ways to make the Reverse Invite Method work for you.

  • Use paid Facebook advertising 
    • Using your Facebook business or fan page, post items that create curiosity!  This is where it starts – creating a strong desire to read your post. The two kinds of curiosity posts that get the best results are:
      • Basic – a text with a picture
      • A Facebook Live Video


  • Using free exposure in the News Feed is a great way to benefit from organic exposure, if you don’t have a lot of money.  If you have the means, it pays to “boost” one of these types of posts, allowing you to create serious leverage by getting out front to a global audience.


  • Get people curious about your posts enough to respond to them by figuring out what it is that people need to know.  The answers depend on your business – there’s no “one size fits all.”  
    • Is there something holding people back, making them feel stuck? 
    •  Are they missing important information that is keeping the from solving an issue?  
    • What do they need to realize to help them move forward?  

Once you find the answers, you instruct them to take some sort of action to learn more.  Maybe you have them follow a link. Or message you for more information. This is how you have people invite themselves to learn more about your business!


  • When creating curiosity about your business – don’t talk about your product or service!  This seems so counter-intuitive, but it is critical NOT do this.  
    • You want to first make people understand that they need your product or service.  
    • Create the need and the want – THEN tell them about what it is your selling.  
    • What is it about you and what you are offering that is different and unique from all the other businesses out there?  

Create enough curiosity to make them want to know more – then have them do something to get the information they want… referred to as Call-To-Action  (CTA).


That is how the Reverse Invite Method works!  Stop chasing prospects, only to find yourself feeling defeated and getting nowhere.  It’s time to try something new!  

So if you’re ready to learn how to use the most cutting-edge online methods to rank advance, sell more stuff, recruit more people, and make a whole lot more “moola” in your business.



From blog post by Whit and Cari Higham, Elite Marketing Pro

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