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Want Your Own Website But Not Sure How To Get Started?

When people think of your product or opportunity, you don't want them thinking about the company you represent.  You want to position yourself as the “go to” person for information and guidance… the expert.  That's what we refer to when we talk about your personal brand.

Branding yourself is important because whether people buy or whether they decide to join your opportunity is all about you…  not your product or the company you represent.

Not the compensation plan or the company's history.

People do business with you when they know like know and trust you.

And what better way to get to know you than a professional presence online, and that's where a personal blog or website comes in.  Developing your own unique brand is what differentiates you from everyone else.

Let's face it, your customer can buy from any other network marketer representing your company and certainly can join any other team.

So, why you?  Why should they buy from you?  Why should they join your team?

Well, that's what you're going to tell them on your blog or website.

So, if you’re considering a website and wondering how it will help you generate more leads, sales, and a larger team, the first thing to consider is your homepage.  Your homepage is the gateway to your website… it's the first thing a visitor or prospect sees that helps them determine whether they want to go any further.

Your homepage needs to be more than a dedicated landing page.  It should be designed to serve your various audiences.

And in order to do that effectively, it needs to be built with purpose.   In other words, you'll need to incorporate elements that attract

  • Traffic
  • Educate visitors
  • And, invite conversions


Serving as your company's virtual front door, this page is generally responsible for drawing in a majority of your website's traffic. And despite its prominence, many of us struggle to optimize it properly.

Take a look at the following infographic that describes the…

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have


This infographic is credited to HubSpot.com

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have


Ok, we now know the importance of a website and the elements of a good, converting home page, but where do we go from here?

Well,  if you don’t consider yourself a “techie” person, I'm sure the very idea of having a website might feel like a big headache.

Where do you begin?  Do you hire someone else to do it for you, or do you take a stab at it yourself?

When it came time for me to have my own website, I decided I wanted to learn WordPress because I didn't want to have to pay someone every time I needed to post something or make a change.

Personally, I knew it wasn't something I could do without help and looking back I'm glad I came across a course by WordPress expert, Christina Hills.

She is truly gifted at helping non-techies break through the intimidation factor when it comes to websites.

And she just released a free download and report that reveals the

“Agonizing Website Mistakes and How You Can Easily Avoid Them.”

Get your free copy right here

If you haven’t even gotten started with your website, I think you’ll find this helpful. And if you have a website that simply isn’t getting the job done, what Christina shares here might be illuminating.

(Not to mention the money you save setting up and maintaining your own website.)

Your website is often a potential client’s first experience with you. Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes!

Get the free download and video here

Don’t put this off! Christina is only making this resource available for a few days. Stop missing out on potential clients connecting with you because of your non-existent or less than effective website.


Whether you decide to build and manage your own website or outsource the project, the following free resource can be a huge help in preventing these all to common website mistakes now… download a copy of

“Agonizing Website Mistakes And How You Can Easily Avoid Them.”


Oh, and if you'd like to learn more about having your own website, grab a spot for some amazing free training…

 Click here for Christina's free Webinar on April 24th and 25th 


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