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5 Winning Headlines

Here's a short video training on writing attention grabbing headlines. (Also transcribed below)

Headline Formula #1: Benefit Driven Headline

This is where you basically state the benefit in your headline.

And if this benefit resonates with your audience, if it’s something they really, truly want… they’ll be all over it.

Here are some examples:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to        and        

You’re About to Discover How to Get Cheap and Targeted Traffic that Converts into Sales and Profits

You’re About to Discover How to                                    and                                                                                        

Discover How to Build a Huge List of Laser-Targeted Prospects on a Shoestring Budget

Discover How to           


Headline Formula #2: News Headline

We’re conditioned to pay attention to “Breaking News” or when we see something “New.”

  • Breakthrough
  • New
  • Just Released
  • Revealed
  • Announcing

When you use such words, they make your headline sound newsworthy, and are a great way to capture your prospect’s attention, when coupled with a major benefit of your offer.

Here are some examples:

Announcing a Brand New Tracking Software GUARANTEED to Minimize Waste and Squeeze the Most Profits Out of Your Traffic.

Announcing a Brand New                            GUARANTEED to                           

Just Released… 7 Powerful Conversion Tactics Used by the Most Successful Internet Marketers and Super-Affiliates

Just Released… #                          

New Breakthrough Technology Can Now Turn Back the Clock and Make You Look 20 Years Younger!

New Breakthrough             Can Now                              

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Headline Formula #3: Question Headline

This headline formula is very effective. Here’s why…

When you see a question, what does your brain automatically do?  That’s right, it starts answering.

Especially when the question is aimed at a subject that’s of interest to you, or a pressing problem/pain you might be experiencing right now.

Here are some examples:

Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

(This is a classic headline, which can be adapted to just about any market or product.)

 Do You Make These            Mistakes?


Do You Make These Mistakes in                                       ?


What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online Today?

What’s the Best Way to          ?

Who Else Wants to Discover Weight Loss Secrets of the World’s Top Super Models?


Headline Formula #4:  Frustration, Pain, Problem Headline

Remember, people are much more motivated by the fear of loss, than by the promise of gain. We’ll move away from pain a lot faster, than move towards pleasure.

Which is why this type of headline is especially effective, as it taps into our primal desire to avoid fear, pain, and threat.

Here are some examples:

Stop Panic Attacks Today… And Discover a Simple Technique That Gets Rid Of Anxiety for Good.

Stop          and Discover a Simple               


No More Calorie Counting… Now You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight.

No More          …. Now You Can                  


Here’s How to End Your Lead Generation Problems for Good… And Use This Surprising Simple Strategy to Explode Your List FAST.

Here’s How to End Your                        Problems For Good… And Use This Surprisingly Simple          to           FAST


Headline Formula #5: Specific Number Headline

Using specifics in your sales copy, especially in your headline, makes it much more difficult for your prospects to not

continue reading your sales letter or watching your video. Specifics make it more believable and concrete in their mind. Take a look at these examples:

3 Ways You Can Quickly Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic to Your Website

3 Ways You Can Quickly ________


5 Little-Known Ways to Explode Your Email List

5 Little-Known Ways to ________


7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Make More Money Without Spending A Penny More On  Advertising

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to ________ Without ________  

Now you have 5 headline formulas you can use, now if you would like to learn more about how this can help you build a business from home, click below.




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