5 Prospect-Attracting Secrets Your Competitors Won’t Share * Sonia Holt

5 Prospect-Attracting Secrets Your Competitors Won’t Share

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are more successful than you at selling products and attracting prospects? Maybe you'd like to know what their secrets are?
Well, your competitors certainly aren’t about to give this away.

But we will. After years of wondering — just like you — we figured out what our competitors were doing to attract all those prospects.

And then we went one step further. We grew our business from the ground up. Just by learning these secrets and putting them into practice.

And now, we’re sharing those secrets with you.


1. Listening to Your Prospects Draws them in… Like a Moth to a Porch Light.

This secret is so powerful — even the shyest of shy can use it to bring prospects to their door. When you meet a prospect, button up your mouth about yourself — and get to know them, their needs and desires. All you have to do is ask a few questions, be genuinely interested, and let them do all the talking.

Self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie said it best: “Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves… Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.”

When you listen to your prospects, you do two powerful things: You make the other person feel like the most important person in the world for a while, and you learn about what things challenge them the most.

Meet those needs, and you’ll have them for life.

2. Stop Acting So Desperate

Do you believe in your business?

If you really believe that your products — and even more importantly, your business opportunity — will bring value to your prospects, stop begging them to buy it. Find out their needs, show them how your business can meet their needs, and move on if they are not interested.

Be confident enough in your business to know that if a prospect doesn't buy into the opportunity, someone else will. It’s just that good. Otherwise, why are you encouraging your prospect to join your opportunity in the first place?

Confidence sells. As master negotiator Herb Cohen puts it, “Care — really care — but not THAT much.”

If you don’t believe in the value of what you’re offering, drop it like a hot potato in July and start selling something else.

If you do believe that your products and business opportunity are real assets of value to your customers, don’t keep pestering them when they say “no.” It's their loss… someone smarter will come along.

3. Don’t Have a Hidden Agenda

It's a familiar scene. You are at your college class reunion. You meet an old friend. Then, within five minutes, you get hit with a sales pitch.

There’s always one of these at every class reunion. Don’t be that person.

Sure, if you happen to have something that might benefit someone, then ask them a few questions. But don’t act like a used car salesman trying to make his monthly quota.

If they express interest, suggest another time to get together to tell them about what you're doing and how it might benefit. Never try to sell in a social environment… it's not just bad form, it's downright annoying.

Instead, be the one who solves a problem. Then walk away without expecting anything in return.


4. Have Confidence

Hint: Confidence isn’t all about you. It’s about the opportunity that you can offer to your prospects.

When you stop making it all about yourself, you stop being so self-conscious.

When you learn as much as you can about your products and the benefits your company can offer, you stop following a script, and you actually tell your prospects what it can do for THEM.

That’s all they care about, anyway. Find their pain point, soothe their ache, and you’ll find yourself whirling down Main Street, filled with the confidence that comes from a job well done.

5. Develop Skills — and Share Them with the World

Whatever business you’re in, build your skills with an eye on becoming the best in the business.

Then share that knowledge with others. Write blog posts. Host a podcast. Speak at high school Career Day events.

The more authority you have in your field, the more trust you build and the more potential teammates you attract to your doorstep.

Don't let your competitors have all the fun. Put these principles to work and watch the leads roll in!




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